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Ripple whales move 755 million to a penny fee – Coin Hero

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Ripple whales move 755 million to a penny fee

Home News Ripple whales move 755 million to a penny fee

Marcel Knobloch –

The technology of Ripple allows large amounts of money safely, and to move quickly extremely low cost from A to B in the world. Again, large amounts of Capital were moved with the help of XRP to a new location to dizzying depths charges.

Ripple had a strong start to the new year with a relatively unusually large transaction. “Whale watchers” have noticed a whole series of different Transfers, in which a total of more than 2.133.569.088 XRP in the value of 755 million USD were moved. All seven of the registered transactions took less than four seconds, and the transaction fees remained below one Cent.

According to the Twitter account “Whale Alert” found the huge amount of money to make your way to the Ripple of self-managed fiduciary account, by the end of 2017 has been established. The company owns 60% of the available Supplies and stores this to the security of the network, on a Treudhandkonto.

Another part seems to XRP in the außerbörsli commercial “Over-the-Counter”, because Ripple regularly sells XRP on OTC trading to a larger Institute. These large transaction volume follows a December from Coinbase made a Bank Transfer, in the case of the 5% of the total bitcoin volume, 8% of Ethereum and 25% of all the available Litecoin to a Cold Wallet was moved to keep the balance with the help of a new system.

The direct comparison with the traditional financial system clearly shows that crypto-currencies are in terms of cost and speed in the case of international Transfers are superior. A transaction with banks to be sent from Canada to India, the charges quickly two-digit amounts, and the transfer time may require several days if not a full week. Through the use of XRP as well as other crypto-currencies, these procedures are now a thing of the past.

One of the biggest Internet archive of the world,, akzepziert from now on, donations in XRP. The company said, to incorporate the necessity of crypto-currencies is in the Business process, as these developments will affect our daily lives in the near future.

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