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Parents go on the fist during jeugdwielerwedstrijd

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The Belgian youth championships in track cycling were Sunday marred when parents and supporters on the fist went.

‘Distressing to see that supporters/parents to each other, to tackle, on an (youth) bicycle race for the eyes of 15-16-17 year-olds,’ wrote the Lotto Soudal rider Jasper De Buyst Sunday on Twitter after he was going to look at pistewedstrijd for the youth in Ghent, belgium.

“There was bitsig gekoerst, but nothing happened out of the ordinary’, he says in het Nieuwsblad. “And yet, was suddenly on the stand arguing between parents and supporters. First, there was a shouting, then came to pushing, pulling and even succeed. Young drivers 16 and 17 years old) had to intervene. Which is a pity. Such problems are already large enough within the football, let that please from cycling.”

Yesterday it was still investigating what the exact circumstances were of the fight.‘It was the first time in thirty years that I kind of went through, ” says Jos Smets, director general of the Belgian cycling federation that the championship organized.

Hate mail

According to Frank Glorieux, ceo of Cycling in Flanders, it is striking that just as in other sports, parents are often much more competitive set than the young riders themselves’. ‘For two years already, we at the youth in on the fun instead of to win. So we changed, for example, the startorde at the jeugdveldrijden. It is no longer the ranking, but a draw that determines who goes where and start. In that way, are faint also in the front. You don’t want to know how much hate mail from parents and supporters there came after that decision. Although fortunately a minority, as hard calls. But, as with all that, of course, the hardest.’

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