Obscure album “Population II” was the first heavy-metalplaat

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Who at the bar or elsewhere are discussing the question of who is the heavy metal as a musical style invented, names hear fall like Black Sabbath, Deep Purple, and other Led Zeppelins. But the specialized site come up with something very different in an article on “proto-metal” albums, with at the head of the ‘Population II’ by Randy Holden.

Holden was for a while the guitarist of the band Blue Cheer who, according to the website for the release of ‘Vincebus Eruptum’ in 1969 the “loudest, heaviest and hardest band in the world”. Also bassist/singer Geddy Lee of the Canadian trio Rush to see Blue Cheer at the cradle of heavy metal. But the first real album in the genre was, according to ‘Population II’ that Holden with drummer Chris Lockheed. The name of the album and at the same time, the name of the tweemansgroep refers to a special type of clusters of galaxies by heavy metal characteristics.

During the making of the jewel was Holden bankrupt, his work saw until years later the light of day as a bootleg. In 2005 there was a limited edition on vinyl, and three years later, a remastered CD. “If the album as planned (in 1970) would be true, then it would be the debut album of Black Sabbath with a few months of reports,” says the website.

Other pioneers Sir Lord Baltimore, Leafhound, JPT Scare Band, Captan Beyond, Bang, Atomic Rooster, Dust, and Budgie.

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