New comedyquiz Holland – Belgium: get Team Vlaanderen a poffert on his nose or get the Dutch a cake on their face?

3db688d87cb965f6fa2f9174bad20f91 - New comedyquiz Holland - Belgium: get Team Vlaanderen a poffert on his nose or get the Dutch a cake on their face?

Have the Dutch have a big mouth or are they just clear? And why are they always so ‘clear’ when they are in the weekend at a Workshop in terrace?

All of these clichés, major differences and minor misunderstandings is a robbertje fought in Holland and Belgium. In this comedyquiz be teams of well-known Flemish and Dutch in different rounds tested on what they are of each other, know or should know: language, prejudices, traditions, food, culture, customs, place-names, and many more differences between the Netherlands and Flanders. Of dutchmen to Belgenmoppen, nothing is too crazy. If there is only laughing!

The battle between the neighbouring countries is led by Jonas Van Geel, together with the Dutch Art Rooijakkers. Koen Wauters and Guga Baúl form in episode 1 the Flemish team, each week is led by captain Louis Talpe. Ruben Nicolai defends Orange, along with stand-up comedian Darryl King and presenter Gwen Ports.

What the Flemish would never order it on a Dutch menu? What is the Dutch immediately as you cross the border with Belgium across the street? What are stekskes’ for the Dutch and what they mean if someone has a good bunch of wood for the door? About these questions, bending the teams in episode 1. Team Flanders tries the Dutch to explain what “Mines Blues Geschelpten’ has to do with ‘Una Paloma Blanca’, the hit single from the Dutch George Baker. Herman Brusselmans explains the Dutch something in juicy Ghent dialect, but what they have understood? And understand the Flemish people, something in the Twents?

Each episode proves it by shopping at our northern neighbours, an entire command may. Taking turns, the teams in a mobile shop in the studio to search for products across the border a different name. Know Koen and Guga what a foodie is? And what do the Dutch go home if they of people a shopping list with o.a. a plaice, stekskes and a lekstok get?

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