Migrantenschepen allowed to ‘shelter’ in Maltese waters

ebf95bd9ecf63d20bf2d26b37622340a - Migrantenschepen allowed to ‘shelter’ in Maltese waters

Reddingsschepen of two German ngos, in a total of 49 immigrants have been rescued on the Mediterranean Sea, Malta received authorisation to ‘shelter’ in Maltese waters. That has the naval forces of that country communicated.

The decision of Valletta to offer protection is a consequence of the deteriorating growing conditions on board, so that it is communicated. By the violent weather at sea, suffering a lot of migrants on board to seasickness.

The situation was most serious on the Sea-Watch 3, who are under Dutch flag. The ship, with 32 migrants aboard, have been trying since december 22 admission to get into a harbor to dock. Wednesday, the Netherlands announced that it is willing to be a part of the 32 people on board to catch. But that is only ‘on condition that other European countries do the same, ” emphasises Lennart Wegewijs, the spokesman of the Dutch ministry of Justice.

In addition, there are seventeen people on a ship of Sea-Eye, a German ngo.

Criticism of ngos

The EU states do not agree among themselves about who migrants by aid agencies at sea to be saved, must absorb. The criticism of the ngos swelled also, because they with their rescues at sea, illegal migration would promote. The voltages for the Libyan coast are to be cut. At the end of last month to let Doctors without Borders know to want to stop rescue at sea, the Aquarius left for Valencia.

Italy and Malta were already several of the ships to the chain. For the Sea-Watch 3 it would be the first operation from Malta the ship back neighbour. About 19 hours it became known that the Maltese military had 69 migrants to the country has achieved, that on a wooden boat, the Middellaandse Sea tried to cross. About the nationality of the migrants or their state of health, nothing is yet known.

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