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Mathieu Van der Poel on his way to the perfection

babb50d6aefd15129bc59e04a9dd5af0 - Mathieu Van der Poel on his way to the perfection

Van Aert and Aerts ‘Flying Dutchman’ is hardly threatening

Mathieu Van der Poel on his way to the perfection

The christmas and new year period in the cyclo-cross is not the big change, where the Belgians had hoped for.

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Mathieu Van der Poel was yesterday in the Grand prix Sven Nys in Baal again inaccessible. David Stockman/belga

Van Aert and Aerts ‘Flying Dutchman’ is hardly threatening

Mathieu Van der Poel on his way to the perfection

The christmas and new year period in the cyclo-cross is not the big change, where the Belgians had hoped for.


Benedict Vanclooster

Brussels ‘I hope that I have my share of bad luck for 2019 now I got.’ Mathieu van der Poel moved on new year’s day down, struggled with his chain, went egg so after about the head and reed also leak. But even the fatum was not coarse enough for the Flying Dutchman to capsize.

On the grounds of the Sven Nys Cycling Center in Baal brought Van der Poel are zegetotaal of this season at 21. One victory less than the same time last year, but then he already had 28 career driven, yesterday he was on his 23rd season.

Since Van der Poel nearly five years ago in the Netherlands, Heerlen, his first victory in the elite holds, is his career one ascending curve towards perfection. In the season 2013-’14 won the Dutch 33% of its veldritten, in the following seasons, respectively, 46%, 52% and 67%, last season, then 82%, and he is currently already at 91%. A crushing dominance gradually becoming similar to that of Roland Liboton, who in the veldritwinter 1983-’84 performed for 32 of his 33 races to win (and one to give away at the request of its sponsor).

Perfect in the summer

‘Van der Poel is still in a growth phase. Don’t forget that he 24 should be’

Erwin Vervecken

“There is the past period, especially on second christmas in the Attic, ever suggested that Wout van Aert the gap, the seal is on Mathieu, but if we are honest, we must conclude that Mathieu cross into his hand puts where, when and how he wants it,’ says Erwin Vervecken.

The triple former world champion sees several explanations for Van der Poels have increased supremacy this season. ‘To begin with, there is the good basis that Mathieu over the past two summers, every time. The two years prior to that he was in the beginning of the season every time in the out of competition by a knee injury and surgery. Since he is perfect in the summer knows, he is almost unbeatable.”

Vervecken also says that Van der Poel of the age has come that he has more volume to handle. ‘Mathieu is further improved. He is still in a growth phase, we must not forget that he is still 24. Wout has that phase of growth a few years earlier through earlier on his 20th, 21st, so at that point, they are very well matched.”

Wout van Aert is still the Belgian number one. belga

‘Van der Poel is especially technically superior’, see Vervecken. “He remains in every corner press set up, making the competition each time a tussenspurt. In addition, he pulls his demarrages also very long, a round a long time. In my time, the period of Bart Wellens and Sven Nys, it was a gear, usually a third or maximum half of a round.’

Hierarchy restored

Of Aert, the great absent in Baal, won Saturday in Bredene, only his second cross of the season, just like in Ardooie, in the absence of Van der Poel. Both opponents have this winter, exactly the same number of matches ridden. “Certainly in the beginning of the season was Wout not on levels’, says Vervecken. “The worries around his breach of contract will, however, have played a role. If you like Wout ever used for more than fifteen crosses per season win, begin with all those places and also to roads. Suddenly, he must always ride for second place. Very human that he at a certain moment rests in his fate, and, in comparison with two seasons ago, faster comply with Mathieus mastery.’

The outgoing world champion had until late in november, very controlled Show Aerts and sometimes also other competitors overtake. The past christmas season, was, however, clear that he was the second place in the hierarchy recaptured, Vervecken. “In Diegem on Sunday, he was something less, but that was also his third koersdag in a row. For me, Wout is the number one favourite for the BK on Sunday 13 January in Kruibeke. But with the hijackers on the coast as a Show Aerts and Michael Vanthourenhout, in that order, will, this time, not a formality.”

World cup-advantage

The christmas season made it clear that Wout Van Aert second place in the hierarchy recaptured has

On a subsequent confrontation between Van Aert and Van der Poel in a klassementscross wait until the last Sunday of January, the world cup in Hoogerheide. The week following the world CHAMPIONSHIP, the race for Van der Poel last season completely failed. ‘Wout had in Valkenburg the trail all the way along, ” says Vervecken. ‘In Bogense will probably be more in favor of Mathieu: all snelheidsstukken, short knikjes walk, no heavy baggerpartij. At the beginning of February, there is in Denmark also a lot of chance of snow. Also that would play into the hands of Mathieu.’

Results GP Sven Nys in Baal: 1. 1. Mathieu van der Poel (Ned/Corendon-Circus) in 55:30 2. Toon Aerts at 0:34 3. Laurens Sweeck 0:49.

Stand DVV-Trophy: 1. Mathieu van der Poel in 6u01:09 2. Toon Aerts at 0:08 3. Michael Vanthourenhout 4:18.

Toon Aerts certainly has his chances in the upcoming Belgian championship. belga

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