Man that landing gear tucked away, hidden, sat, crashes at takeoff aircraft

At the international airport of Siem Reap, near the world famous temple complex Angkor Wat, is the lifeless body found of a man who supposedly hidden was in the landing gear of an aircraft. At the takeoff of the aircraft, he must have crashed.

The victim is not yet identified. The police think that the man in the landing gear is crawled and there is a sleep. Then, he is thirty metres high, crashed on the tarmac after the plane was issued, according to the newspaper Khmer Times.

According to a local police chief is on camera images of the airport to see how the man is walking around between the available aircraft. There is also a hole cut in the fence around the airport.

The authorities suspect that the man is mentally disturbed. It would not be a terrorist act, said the police chief at the Khmer Times. The fatal incident causes for criticism of the security services of the airport.

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