Jan Smit hopes on better times

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On new year’s eve fourth Jan Smit not only the turn of the year, he was also a birthday cake blowing out 33 candles. On new year provides again for a stunt, and he launches a new single, ‘Better times’. Paskal Jakobsen and Peter Slager of the popular Nederpopband the BAND, known of the monsterhit ‘Zoutelande’, wrote the text. Jan Smit: “’Better times’ you can find, indeed, back on my in september appeared album ‘in other words’. I have 12 colleagues asked for me a song to write. In addition to Guus Meeuwis, Barry Hay (Golden Earring) also worked Paskal and Peter of the BAND were involved in this major project.. ‘Better days’ is a mid-tempo nederpop-song that perfectly suits the time of year. He is radiovriendelijk and you can endlessly to repeat playback, because as much fun it is.”

The new Jan Smit-single ‘Better times’ is found on the album ‘in other words’ that digitally and physically available.

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