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Gent in the BBC series ‘Les Misérables’

b329e40b71093c6f766f402eac8048ef - Gent in the BBC series ‘Les Misérables’

The British public broadcaster BBC picks up these days out with the prestigious television series, Les Misérables, from the novel by Victor Hugo. The six-part series of means for the city, a significant promotion, as scenes from the fourth episode filmed at the ‘Korenlei’ and under St michael’s bridge.

The first episode of Les Misérables was Sunday night broadcast on British public broadcaster BBC and pulled in Great Britain alone, 4.5 million viewers. British tv critics praise the film and expect that the ratings will continue to rise. The past few days expressed a lot of British viewers, however, their disappointment, because the well-known songs from the very popular musical Les Misérables will not be heard in the BBC-operation. “We focus only on the story by Victor Hugo, responded to the BBC.

Hugo tells in Les Misérables, the story of Louis Valjean, who after a prison sentence of 19 years for stealing a loaf of bread – in 1815, is released. Together with the people of the street, he is looking for righteousness.

Large parts of the story play out in Paris, but because it is in the French capital is no simple task to on the street, a tv series to run, chose the BBC for locations in (Northern)France and in Belgium. In our country were scenes shot in Brussels, la hulpe, Namur and Ghent. At the end of may were on the Korenlei and under St michael’s bridge, recorded for a ‘popular uprising in Paris’. That decor was afterwards what became French-speaking too’. The houses on the Korenlei and the Graslei are, for example, stripped of their stepped gables.

Many British media have in recent days, attention was paid to the filming locations of this prestigious series. Ghent is also suggested as a must see. After the broadcast in Britain, starts the series of an international career.

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