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Family of Michael Schumacher is day for 50th birthday with a short message: “He is in good hands”

f2c0856c0276d18480aa5fcdf5f87405 - Family of Michael Schumacher is day for 50th birthday with a short message: “He is in good hands”

On January 3, is F1 legend Michael Schumacher for 50 years. The German is after his dramatic skiing accident on 29 december 2013 in the “good hands”. That let his family know in a message on Facebook.

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“We are pleased that we have been the 50th birthday of Michael tomorrow can celebrate with you and thank you from the bottom of our heart that we can do together. As a gift for him, you and us has the Keep-Fighting Foundation and a virtual museum. The official Michael Schumacher, android is available tomorrow, so we went with z’n all are successes to celebrate. The app is a new milestone in our effort to keep him and you guys as fans are entitled to do by to celebrate what he has achieved. We wish you much pleasure.”

“You may assume that he is in good hands and that we do everything humanly possible to help him. We hope for your understanding for the fact that we Michaels desire to follow a sensitive topic like his health to be kept private. At the same time, we would like to thank you greatly for your friendship and we wish you all a healthy, happy, 2019.”

Vegetative state

After his final farewell to formula 1 in 2012 remained Schumachers need for speed slumber. Skydiving, motorcycling and skiing have the adrenalinerush work out. On december 29, 2013 of course, he, together with his then 14-year-old son Mick, a few meters outside the track of the French Méribel. Are the slats hit the top of a piece of stone. He loses his balance and ends up with his head hard on a rock. A helmet saves his life, but he is still heavy brain damage.

Since september 9, 2014 staying the-fold world champion on his estate in Gland, a domain with a private beach on the lake of Geneva. There let his wife Corinna, a small hospital go up. Cost: twelve million euro. A team of doctors, nurses and therapists care for him seven days, 24 hours on 24. Five years after the accident seem to be the most dramatic prospects to be becoming a reality. Probably is Michael Schumacher either in a vegetative state, either he suffers from amnesia and he is unable to communicate. His days he spends in a bed or in a wheelchair.

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