Face tattoo for Justin Bieber revealed

4ee0d0f2883e7ed25f5ed865ef994c47 - Face tattoo for Justin Bieber revealed

At the beginning of november discovered the world that Justin Bieber is a new tattoo had. The Canadian singer was not better to have one above his eyebrow to immortalize. His tattoo artist revealed now what are the words on JB’s face.

JonBoy, the name of the account on Instagram, confirmed the rumours which had been the round did: Justin Bieber does the word ‘grace’ to put above his rechterwenkbrauw. The celebrity tattoo artist posted himself a picture on Instagram in which he has his customers, and so also Bieber, thanked for their support. “I wish it so often, but thanks to you I now know what my purpose in life is. Thanks to the tattoos that I put, are you able to get your life story to share.”

Hailey Baldwin, his girlfriend, has a matching tattoo with the word ‘style’, but that was still not fixed.

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