Fabrizio: I was sickly jealous

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It was an emotional year for Pommeline, and Fabrizio. He was this year in Temptation Island to see as a seducer, she came a year earlier to bid. Pommeline if on the side of Merijn return home, but the temptress decided after a year to put an end to their relationship. Eventually she came into the arms of Greek god Fabrizio. Soon it was the couple live together, and that was quite a big step. Also because Fabrizio sickly jealous. Fabrizio provides, in The Interest of Limburg admits that he himself has had to work for it which step there could be. “I was sickly jealous and had little confidence in the women. With her I thought to myself: ‘Either she, or nobody”,” Fabrizio in The Interest of the province of Limburg. To ensure went the 26-year-old entrepreneur is far, very far even. “I claimed all her time: definitely wanted her to sleep, to make sure that there is no other. Fortunately, she has it with me sustained,” laughs Fabrizio. And we think that Pommeline was jealous after Pommeline on a not too positive way came in the picture during one of the first broadcasts of Dancing With The Stars. Pommeline was one of the dansrepetities present and noticed that Fabrizio is greatly amused with a dance partner Margot. The recordings took place at the time that Pommeline a moment in a dip sat. She was proud of the performance of Fabrizio, had already Pommeline also like on the dance floor sparkled. That could not this year on FOUR but who knows shines Pommeline on may 2, upcoming at the side of her husband Fabrizio during their first dance. Because as the maps are now, it may be that the torque on 2 may 2019 marriage. Currently, Pommeline, and Fabrizio on vacation but as soon as they are back in the country, they concentrate on the organization of their wedding, we read this weekend in The Interest of the province of Limburg. We have already delayed, because it’s so busy and everything is so short on each other. But we have a new wedding on the eye: may 2. Ideal, because that is my birthday!”, laughs Pommeline.

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