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F1-pilot almost missed his first F1 race because he was asleep

e375f04ea29e2e57bb8f7acbfa69c372 - F1-pilot almost missed his first F1 race because he was asleep

Kimi were times, he is currently one of the most experienced riders on the starting grid of the Formula 1, but it differed, however, he had his first F1 race missed.

It remains an incredible story, Kimi were times that in 2001, at age 21 makes his debut in the Formula 1. It was the Swiss Sauber F1 team, despite his very limited experience, were times had only 23 races in motorsport driving, yet a racezitje in the Formula 1 gave.

You would think that were times given his limited experience and the high expectations, under tremendous pressure, and nervous, but nothing was less true. The Fin did his nickname of ‘Iceman’ all honor to.

Thirty minutes before the start of the GP of Australia was were times nowhere in sight. With his team, they were major concerns, but the Fin was literally not wake up of his first race …

“He was sleeping,” recalls Josef Leberer, the former physiotherapist of the Sauber F1 team and let him know compared to the official F1 website.

“I said,” Kimi, within a few minutes you have your first F1 race drive!’. He replied with ‘Oj Joseph, let me have five minutes to sleep!’. Something I had never seen, and even then I never experienced.”

That ‘coolness’ is concerned were times in his nickname of ‘Iceman’ and eventually became his trademark.

“He is extremely cool. He acts not, he is just so. I then showed him another few minutes to sleep. Rest is very important.”

In 2007, it was were times F1 champion with Ferrari, and after a passage in the rallying world, he made a comeback in Formula 1 in the same Ferrari. At the end of last season to make way for the young aspiring racetalent Charles Leclerc.

However, it was not goodbye for were times because the Fin is driving the next two seasons for the Sauber F1 team, indeed, the renstal where his F1 career began …

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