Death toll following mudslides in Philippines rises

071a9fc5dad590b2ae49e7024c9eb77a - Death toll following mudslides in Philippines rises

The floods and the mudslides after the passage of the tropical storm Usman to the Philippines have already cost the life of 85 people.

Forty people were injured, and there are also at least 20 missing persons, a spokesman of the rampenbeschermingsdienst Wednesday let you know. In a previous balance sheet, published just before the transition to the new year, could still speak of the 68 dead.

The heavy rainfall of the last few days hampered the search for survivors and the distribution of relief supplies. Onweders made last weekend for flooding and mudslides in the eastern regions of Bicol and Eastern Visayas. More than 25,000 people were left homeless.

Each year, the Philippines to deal with an average of 20 cyclones, to floods and landslides provide.

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