Chinese president calls for reunification of Taiwan and China, ‘if necessary by force’

bc78dd6301f81aef6479ac4a182ce2fe - Chinese president calls for reunification of Taiwan and China, ‘if necessary by force’

Chinese president Xi Jinping on Wednesday at a meeting in Beijing pledged to Taiwan and China to reunite. To do this, according Jinping ‘deep democratic dialogue’ to be held. Though the use of force ‘against foreign interference’, also an option.

“China should and will are united, which is an inevitable requirement for the historic rejuvenation of the Chinese nation in the new era’, says Xi.

This year is the seventy-five years ago that the communist power took over in China and the nationalists to the neighboring island of Taiwan fled. There are two separate governments, but China has Taiwan never recognized as an independent state. It considers the island as one of its provinces. In recent years, relations have improved.

“The difference in systems is no obstacle to reunification, nor an excuse for the divorce’, pleaded Xi Wednesday. The same system exists also with hong Kong, she said.

The Chinese president added that it is not excluded that China uses violence against those who still strive for independence. All seemed to be that warning mainly destined for third countries because the Chinese do not Chinese people’, continued Xi.

One country, two systems

The Taiwanese president Tsai Ing-wen be a few hours later, the Chinese call the hand. He stressed that Taiwan is never the so-called 1992 Consensus has been accepted. That recognizes the principle that there is only one China, but the interpretation of that principle, remains open.

According to Tsai clarifies the speech of Xi that Beijing’s the consensus on Taiwan defines as ” One country, Two Systems’. On this basis, hong Kong and Macau back under the umbrella of Beijing come. “Taiwan will be the principle of ‘One Country, Two Systems’, however, never acknowledge. Most Taiwanese people are reluctant. And this is the Taiwan Consensus, ” said the president.

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