Cardi B takes Australian paperazzi under fire

dfcd10c149dc928746b6f8d29a76daaa - Cardi B takes Australian paperazzi under fire

As Cardi B thought to be in Australia to paparazzi to be able to escape, waited for her an unpleasant surprise. Suffice it to say that Cardi B no means a fan of the Australian paparazzi.

The 26-year-old rapper arrived Saturday in Sydney for a nieuwjaarsvakantie and was greeted by a swarm of photographers. She was not in the mood for photos or interviews, and covered her head in a blanket while she and her publicist, accompanied by a male employee, a road made by the terminal. The paparazzi were not pleased and it quickly became ugly.

“Now you’re in Sydney, mate, you’re in Australia”, shouted one of the photographers to Cardi as the group followed them to the airport. “These are our rules, not yours, buddy, our rules, not yours, be there but be clear about. What is going on with that blanket, Cardi? Do you have an identity crisis or something? Give the fans an image, Cardi.”

“Can you tell me, please, alone?” replied the rapper, still her head covering.

“So when I got here, you know, the paparazzi were everywhere,” said Cardi on Instagram Live on Sunday. “But what does not sit well with me was this man who said to me: “now You’re in Australia… You play according to our rules”. I did not like as a white guy tell me that. Do you think that this is the nineteenth century, or something? Are you crazy? Do you think that people still are oppressed or something?” The ‘I like it’singer claimed that her racist was.

Things were even uglier. While Cardi along the paparazzi ran with her face covered, said a female photographer to her: “No wonder your husband you have to leave”. The incident took place weeks after the rapper had announced that she and spouse Offset, the father of her daughter Kulture, after a year marriage broke up after alleged infidelity.

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