British victims of forced marriage themselves should aid costs to pay

British victims of forced marriages abroad turning itself on for the cost of their rescue. Those who cannot afford to pay, should the British government for a loan.

Research by The Times shows that when British victims of forced marriages abroad seek the help of their government, they have to pay for their flight, food, and shelter. Officials to help the victims in the first instance, to their own finances or to lose to family, friends, and organizations to contact that can help them. If the amount is still not able to pay, are they required to have a loan. As a condition to the loan to get the victims their passport issuance until the amount is paid off.

In 2017 were 27 victims rescued, in 2016, there were 55. Among them were four British young women who were captured and were tortured in a religious school in Somalia before they would be married off. They had every 740 British pounds to pay to their government to hit home.


Several British mps are outraged about the rule. ‘Forced marriage is slavery. That the government, the victims pay for their freedom is immoral. Ministers need to quickly straighten’, tweette president of Internal affairs, Yvette Cooper.

‘Protection would be no price tag allowed to have’, tweette Aisha Gil, professor of criminology at the University of Roehampton.

Over the past two years, the ministry of Foreign Affairs for at least 7.765 pound lent to at least eight victims.

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