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Bosch is now in collaboration with IOTA – Coin Hero

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Bosch is now in collaboration with IOTA

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Matthias Nemack –

The Bosch name, many readers think the cabinets for sure, with good reason, to cooling and other household appliances. And in some ways, the new message has to do quite a bit with this thought. Because the company is already striving longer relevant to the further development of the so-called “Internet of things”.

IOTA System to allow for faster developments

It is meant to, among other things, the communication between different devices in the household, so that, for example, the said fridge automatically makes purchases, if certain products are missing. The group is now in the context of its offshoot “Bosch Connectivity” look, you know, recently, IOTA a strong cooperation partner from the crypto world on his side. IOTA, in turn, is engaged also, when it comes to the Internet of things. The cooperation concerns more specifically the Bosch Connectivity on the one hand, and the German IOTA Foundation on the other.

Applications of Bosch offer the device on IOTA

The basis of the work is to be the sensor device “Bosch Cross Domain Development Kit” (short:XDK). The same is programmable and allows the messages according to the development of applications for the said Internet of things. Data, which are designed on the only credit card-sized device that can be offered by developers and users in the future via the “Data Marketplace” by IOTA. Suppliers and customers benefit from the fact that the IOTA Tangle takes on the verification of exchanged data, so that the involved Users do not need to know absolutely, to be sure that no abuse takes place.

Data security through the Tangle model

Like some other systems – for example, Ethereum and the associated Blockchain – could be the new concept, according to Bosch, for example, for companies who wish to handle the rental of machines and devices via IOTA, and billing issue. In the case of services, the cooperation can also provide benefits. Whether the IOTA approach is to a large extent to be viable, must here, however, only out. When exactly is the model in this Form can be used, is not known.

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