200 containers overboard, three contain hazardous substances

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Above the German island of Borkum the MSC, Zoe, one of the largest container ships in the world, by the end of Tuesday, a large number of containers lost. A number is already on the Islands washed up. In three of the containers are filled with barrels of organic peroxide in powder form.

It is not yet clear whether those three containers with dangerous substances all washed up. Neither is known how dangerous the stuff actually is. ‘It may be of two types: a would be at 50 degrees above zero, ignite, the other is only polluting, but in both cases it is not what you want, ” says a spokesman for the coast guard.

In the first instance it was a matter of thirty overboard beaten containers, but according to the coast guard, are the there ‘significantly more’. RTL News has about 200 containers.

In the meantime, eighteen containers are located: three washed ashore at Vlieland, four on Terschelling. The rest drifts between Ameland and Schiermonnikoog. The ship MSC Zoe can about 19,000 containers.

A number of the containers is broken, so now things wash up on the beach. These include IKEA furniture that is still in its packaging, toys, auto parts, light bulbs and seats.

According to the NRC says the municipality of Terschelling, that washed-up stuff should be included because they have no value by the contact with seawater. Who containers or drums, is warned not to hit and the emergency services to call.

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