Win a nice dvd package of Studio 100 TV!

f41886932614a8b1d6dc4176c934b074 - Win a nice dvd package of Studio 100 TV!

A dvd I watch with your kids, how fun is that? Join our competition and you could win a dvd package of Studio 100 TV!

To watch a dvd with the kids? Huddling together on the couch, under a blanket. A snack and a drink. Pure indulgence!
You see that all are and want to keep your dvd collection but what to expand? We give a package away with the following dvds:
– K3 Roller Disco
Campus 12
– Watch, season 4, part 1
We may three winners happy. For a chance to win, you need only the following questions to answer and a dose of luck.


You want this prize very much like to win? Then, make sure you join our competition, and increase your chances to win by also doing on the Studio 100 TV website.

Studio 100 TV is part of the basic services of Proximus TV and in Flanders to view on channel 9 and in Brussels on channel 58.

More info about Proximus TV offering for children? Click here!

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