Willy Sommers on the road with The Heritage 1991-2001

“Seven carnations, seven roses” was the first big hit of Willy Sommers. That number appeared in July 1971. Over 47 years the singer already at the top of the Flemish music business. After so many hits to have scored came up with the idea of The Heritage of Willy Sommers at the end of 2014 to the cultural venues to attract. The success was immediately very large! In 2016 there was an accompanying album with booklet included. More than four years after the start of the Heritage-performances goes Willy Sommers on the road with The Heritage 1991-2001. The premiere takes place on January 20 in GC Den Egger to Scherpenheuvel. In 2019, the popular singer also, just like in 2018, a lot of musical theatre shows with The Heritage of Willy Sommers 1981-1991.

2019 is re-razenddruk for Willy Sommers. In the calendar on his site are a lot of performances are scheduled. In addition to The Heritage acts Willy also a lot of live on tape, but he also comes out with ‘The Hits’.
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