What famous stars died in december 2018?

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Also during the last month of the year, we had, unfortunately, a lot of celebrities issue. As died on 1 december all of a sudden Dave Mantle. The Dutch actor from ‘Good Times, Bad Times’ was barely 37. Geoff Murphy is a filmmaker from New Zealand, he died on 3 december.

In our own country reacted, we totally defeated by the sudden death of actress Desiree Viola. She stepped on 7 december itself, from the life and was barely 26.

Singer Nancy Wilson died on the 13th of december (81). The same day died also Jean-Pierre Van Rossem at the age of 73. He was a few days before his death in the hospital.

Actress Penny Marshall died on 17 december, she was 75.

One of the best known television voices of Flanders was undoubtedly Francis Verdoodt. He was 76 and died on 23 december. Especially in the years ’70 and ’80 did you hear him often on tv as in ‘Prikballon’ and ‘Kasteelgeesten’.

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