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Van der Poel demonstrates in Bale despite crashes and problems, a Dutchman, is the new leader in DVV Trophy

Mathieu van der Poel has on the first day of the new hair again, the class is shown. In the GP Sven Nys in Baal, he fell however in the first round and he had issues with his bike. The European champion looked at a delay of 20 seconds, but at the end of the second round, he drove again lonely to the pipe. A flat tyre halfway, he could neither plugging. Van der Poel has performed as a soloist for a new victory and is the new leader in the DVV Trophy. Toon Aerts was second, Laurens Sweeck third.

Van der Poel went in the opening round against the plain, but had that setback not to his heart. The Dutchman rode up to the head of the cross, and left the pursuers will not return. Toon Aerts rode a big half a minute later, as second on the measure, Laurens Sweeck finished a few seconds later as third. Wout van Aert appeared in Baal not at the start.

The Dutchman went this season, all in four previous races, with the victory to get. Only in the opener won Aerts. The next race is Sunday on the calendar on the campus of the Free University of Brussels (VUB) and its French-speaking counterpart ULB in Ixelles. It is the first time ever that the Brussels-Capital Region is the setting for a cyclocross. The curtain falls on February 9, with a cross in Lille.

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1. Van der Poel

2. Aerts +34”

3. Sweeck

4. Iserbyt

5. Pauwels

6. Van Kessel

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