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Swiss Jolanda Neff start 2019 with a surprising victory in Bale after a duel with Sanne Cant

cd3fa9aabaa3d8933bbc7c838a8528d4 - Swiss Jolanda Neff start 2019 with a surprising victory in Bale after a duel with Sanne Cant

Jolanda Neff has Tuesday in Baal, the sixth of eight races of the DVV Verzekeringen Trophy to her name written. The 25-year-old Swiss, who are mainly working as mountainbikster, took it for Sanne Cant. The British Nikki Brammeier made the stage full.

Loes Sels finished fourth and italy’s Eva Lechner was fifth. Cant reinforces its leadership position and counts now 2:34 ahead of Sels and 4:38 on Brammeier.

It was Jolanda Neff that the holeshot took. In the wheel of the Swiss had, among other Ellen Van Loy, the British Nikki Brammeier, Sanne Cant, the Italian Eva Lechner and Loes Sels are nestled. Loes Sels had in the final lap as a sore let it fall so we all quickly five leaders over there. Even before the start of the second round had Sanne Cant from the opposition stripped. A group with Eva Lechner, Jolanda Neff, Nikki Brammeier, Loes Sels, Ellen Van Loy and the American Kaitlin Keogh followed at 7 seconds. That group was further exaggerated with the American Katherine Compton and the Dutch Sophie de Boer.

Sanne Cant, started the game with 1:32 ahead of Loes Sels that the second was in the standings, picked up in the second round, ten seconds, a premium. The world champion continued her game further neatly organize. Jolanda Neff on her part, was just before the beginning of the third round on her own in the counter attack on Cant pulled. The Swiss impressed and it went straight on and over the world champion. Cant bite however back in the wheel of Neff. So we got in two laps from the end again two leaders. Nikki Brammeier bolde as the third round at Balenberg and had all of 32 seconds to make up. Kaitlin Keogh, Loes Sels, Katherine Compton, and Laura Verdonschot, who is a beautiful remonte had made, got all of 38 seconds on the pants. Cant and Neff built their lead for the start of the final lap, and stayed together to fight for the victory. Cant picked up at a descent down a wrong strip and beat overkop. Immediately the way was completely open for Jolanda Neff and she took it with almost 27 seconds ahead of Sanne Cant.

Winner Jolanda Neff reed “perfect match”

Jolanda Neff conquered Tuesday in Baal’s victory in the sixth of eight races of the DVV Verzekeringen Trophy. The 25-year-old Swiss held Sanne Cant, that an error in judgment made and overkop beat, behind him. “From start to finish was the match actually perfect for me”, responded Neff.

“I was on the second row start so I quickly could move to the head of the race”, analysed Neff. “The course suited me. I could be all the time with Sanne Cant stay and enjoyed the time that I the cross could colors. I spent a little time with the family of Sven Nys in the run-up to this cross. As explored I with Sven and Thibau earlier for the trail and maybe I will be on the stage. It was a unique experience. I come from the mountain biking and you can that the discipline is not to be compared with the cyclocross. In the field you have any time to fight for every meter. In the mountain bike, but do you sometimes long climbs but you can recover it during the descent. That was certainly not in. I am very satisfied with this nice victory.”

Sanne Cant frustrated after a fall

World champion Sanne Cant and saw her chances disappear when they precious time lost after a fall. “I made a stupid mistake in the final lap. I chose a wrong trail during the descent to a stream. A pity, but there I lose the cross. In the final lap I had of Neff must pull away because I felt me very well. In the strips uphill, I was even better but then had to also, if necessary, with my face in the mud, lie down”, sakkerde Sanne Cant.

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