Singer Dr. Hook died

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The year 2018 experienced a heavy toll in showbizzland and there was still some venom in the tail end of that year. On the last day of 2018 died even Ray Sawyer. Says that name is not something immediately? However, it was the original lead singer of Dr. Hook & The Medicine Show. Sawyer founded the group along with Dennis Loccoriere. A name they had not at that time, that name came after Sawyer in 1967, was involved in a car accident and he lost his right eye. His eye patch was the direct result of. In 1972, scored the group their first big hit “Sylvia’s Mother”. Afterwards, would among other things Cover of the rolling stone ” and “Baby makes her blue jeans talk’ and ‘When you’re in love with a beautiful women follow.
In 2015, stopped Them with action, he eventually became 81 years.

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