RTBF stops with radio broadcasts via medium wave

e56a10571aab5667d8ecd968774abe96 - RTBF stops with radio broadcasts via medium wave

The RTBF stops from 1 January 2019 with the broadcast of radio programmes on the medium wave (AM). The French-speaking public broadcaster was the last medium that was still there on AM in Belgium. Listeners can tune in on FM or on DAB+ in Wallonia and in the region around Brussels.

By the development of the digital radio DAB+, now attracts also the RTBF unplug the power cord from the medium. The VRT ceased on 1 January 2012, with the broadcast on the medium wave on the 927kHz frequency.

The disappearance of the AM channel, can still have consequences for French-speaking listeners who live in Flanders. Due to no cooperation agreement between the communities, the RTBF on DAB+ only in and around Brussels and in Wallonia be listened to. The intention is that the VRT in DAB+ radio station of the RTBF spreads, and the reverse by the RTBF, found no hearing for the VRT, said minister of Media, Jean-Claude Marcourt, in september to questions in the parliament of the French community.

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