Pope Francis in nieuwjaarsboodschap: ‘there is much We can learn from mothers”

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Pope Francis on new year’s day the politicians worldwide, called for a culture of peace. In a homily praised he the role of the mothers in the world.

The leader of the roman catholic church stressed in his message of peace that the political commitment of politicians to the general well-being and peace. But all too often, he states, politicians are prey to corruption or they promote economic inequality, racism, and xenophobia, mistreatment of migrants and degradation of the environment.

The pope spoke out strongly against nationalism and populism. He pressed the politicians on the heart in order to be guided by justice, respect, sincerity, honesty and loyalty. The Former condemned a policy that only his own power and the interests of certain groups of aims in place of the general welfare to promote.

Every man, especially every christian, is bound in his way politically active, writes pope Francis. Good politics should, in particular, the peace, by young people the possibility to shape the future.

Look of a mother

In his homily during mass in St. peter’s Basilica blessed the church leader, the role of mothers in society. He emphasized the importance of mothers and their virtues of self-sacrifice and compassion ” in the current fragmented world’.

In a world facing the future without the look of a mother, is short-sighted, ” said Francis. ‘A world in which a mother’s tenderness as pure sentiment is dismissed may perhaps be materially rich, but poor as for the future.’

‘How many are there not who is the affection of the mother forgotten, and that evil on himself for life and everything indifferent’, according to the pope. ’A shame to say it, but how many men and women react not at everyone and everything with bitterness and malice.’

Finally, it called on the pope also to unity within the roman catholic church, and he warned that the church ‘a wonderful museum of the past’ risks are as a people ’the miracle of their faith lost.

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