No Sportpaleis for Clouseau

849af4dbd24a66c52b3292588ba52543 - No Sportpaleis for Clouseau

The fans of Clouseau watching it for a while looking forward to new material from the brothers Wauters. Their patience will be rewarded, in 2019 will there be a successor of the album Clouseau Dancing in the spring of 2016 appeared. There was in 2017 still Clouseau 30 but that was a compilation with the biggest hits of the group. Almost three years it is meanwhile ago that an album of new material appeared, but in 2019 will be the Clouseaufans new songs to discover, that confirms Koen Wauters this week in the Story. “In the autumn, there comes a new album, but the first single will be probably used to appear, depending on how the writing and recording process over the coming weeks and months will expire. But the urge to have a good album is very big”, says Koen this week in the Story. And when a new song means a new tour and also who comes there. “Afterwards, we go on tour. Of halls on theatres to festivals. That variety happy fun. The Sportpaleis is for the time being not on the schedule,” laughs Koen in the Story. But the fans might also not hoped for, usually the Sportpaleis concerts a year after the release of an album and so, there is still a glimmer of hope that Clouseau in 2020, however, to the Sportpaleis draws.

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