NASA probe reaches farthest workspace object ever

f1a2ab270b2d2589e5997c09556f6d99 - NASA probe reaches farthest workspace object ever

The probe New Horizons of the American ruimtevaartbureau NASA Tuesday announced a new record dropped. The probe flew past an object with the name Ultima Thule, and reached at that time, the farthest object ever made by man was studied, as announced missieleider Alan Stern.

The probe is focused to 6.33 hours (Belgian time), cameras are on Ultima Thule. That object in the Kuipergordel is more than 6 billion kilometers from us, 1.6 billion miles further than the orbit of the dwarf planet Pluto.

“Never before has a probe with an object being examined which is so distant,” said Stern. Scientists hope that the observation of Ultima Thule more knowledge brings about how the solar system formed.

The probe flew at a distance of approximately 3,500 kilometers beyond the object and shot normally in a few seconds time almost 900 images. However, it takes a few hours before those pictures reach the earth.

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