London moves vessels from the Mediterranean Sea to the Channel

dd5539ac6aec5bb7713099a79f6299d8 - London moves vessels from the Mediterranean Sea to the Channel

The British government has two patrol vessels from the Mediterranean Sea to the Channel recalled, now more and more refugees on its own Channel to try to cross.

That has minister of the Interior Sajid Javid Monday night announced after a crisisbijeenkomst in London, about the increasing number of migrants from France try with small boats off the English coast to reach.

One of the two ships operate in the Mediterranean Sea in a humanitarian mission of the European corps of border guards, Frontex. The two recalled ships joined three others already in the Channel to operate.

“It’s about protecting human lives but also to protect our borders,” says Javid, who Sunday with his French colleague Christophe Castaner had agreed to bilateral cooperation in the fight against the phenomenon by the number of patrols.


According to the British ministry of Internal Affairs have this year 539 people have tried the Channel between England and France in boats to cross, since October, only 434 people. The French coast guard has 227 migrants stopped.

Monday morning was a group of twelve refugees arrested, among whom a 10-year-old boy, after they came ashore in Greatstone, south of Dover. Sunday had also been six Iranians were found on the beach of Kingsdown is after them with a boat, the Channel was crossed.

According to a report from the BBC would be people smugglers of migrants to the United Kingdom would say that they are there as fast as possible should get because this is after the Brexit more difficult.

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