Jeroen Meus start this spring, with Two To The Sixth Power

The highly enjoyable classic Two to the sixth power is back to the weekend with a bang to close. Brand new quizpresentator Jeroen Meus is ready for the viewers to receive. That he is not alone, but with a superpower to celebrities such as Kim Clijsters, Wim Opbrouck, Steven Van Herreweghe, Laura Tesoro, Jelle De Beule, Elodie Ouedraogo and Tom Boonen.

Each episode is hung on a particular theme such as “Love”, “The Nineties” and a “Ladies Night” in which Jeroen is the only man in the show. Thirteen brand new episodes long is fighting the superpower against the likeable duo’s less well-known people with as bet 10,000 euros.

Two to the sixth power: later this spring on One.

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