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Italian museum asks Germany to naziroofkunst to give back

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The Uffizi-museum in Firenze, the German government called to ensure that a painting of the Dutch painter Jan van Huysum returns to Italy. The work would, according to them, have been stolen by German soldiers during the Second world War.

The work ‘Vaso di Fiori’ by Jan van Huysum (1682-1749) is now in possession of a family in Germany, who, despite multiple requests from the Italian government does not want to return to the Italian museum.

The cloth would have been stolen by soldiers of the Wehrmacht and was dozens of years missing. Until 1991, popped the back on, after the German unification. Several intermediaries already in contact have been with the Italian government, but asked for a fee. The public prosecutor’s office in Florence has even been an investigation opened. According to the gallery, is the work property of the Italian state and thus cannot be bought or sold.

‘Germany is morally obliged to work to give back to our museum, ” says director Eike Schmidt. ’By this case are the wounds of the Second world War and the terror still not healed.’

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