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GP SVEN NYS. Thibau Nys rushes by juniors to victory, Brit Turner, is the strongest in the promises

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Thibau Nys Tuesday, in Bale the victory conquered in the juniors in the sixth of eight races of the DVV Verzekeringen Trophy. Nys, son of local hero Sven Nys, was the Spaniard Gonzalo Inguanzo Macho and Ward Huybs. Ryan Cortjens finished fourth for the Dutchman Salvador Alvarado.

Ryan Cortjens made by the juniors for the first significant acceleration. Cortjens could, despite some frantic efforts, Gonzalo Inguanzo and Macho thuisrijder Thibau Nys not shake. The pace faltered a moment which halfcross Ward Huybs also the front could connect. The four leaders remained together until the final stage. Nys posted on the lead and performed the speed with a sharp jerk. Cortjens had to quickly understand that the best was off and he had his companions, so that only three leaders in the final lap introkken. Nys joined again to his forces and succeeded in full final in a gorge to save on the rest. He could have separated the zegegebaar in Baal. For Inguanzo and Macho Huybs.

“To win for their own people is always something special”, responded Thibau Nys. “I had of this cross is not really a goal. It was Cortjens that hard on the game started and I took over in the second round. On some strips I understood that the rest of the a bit difficult so I waited my moment. The Spaniard Gonzalo Inguanzo Macho I viewed as my biggest competitor. The new year will start with a victory is always fun. I hope the upcoming Belgian championship and also a nice result to put down.”

Brit Turner keeps Lander Loockx with promises of victory

Ben Turner is on Tuesday Bale at the promises the victory to get lost in the sixth of eight races of the DVV Verzekeringen Trophy. The Brit remained Lander Loockx and the Swiss rider Loris Rouiller.

The Brit Thomas Mein finished in fourth place and Niels Derveaux finished sixteen seconds behind winner Turner as the fifth. Derveaux remains the leader in the ranking of the DVV Verzekeringen Trophy and has now 48 seconds ahead of Lander Loockx. Andreas Goeman is third but will need all 2:21 in October.

The were Show Vandebosch and Loockx that the best start names. Followed In their footsteps Turner, and Rouiller. Also, Mathijs Wuyts and Derveaux managed to be in touch with the leading group so we have six leaders were. About halfcross remained the leaders each other to harass. With two laps to drive considered Loockx his chance came. On the Balenberg accelerated it, but the rest was not.

Turner took the example of Loockx immediately. The Brit quickly got the support of his team-mate at Corendon-Circus, Loris Rouiller. Loockx repte to the British-Swiss two. For Turner, it all went too slow. In a new demarrage, the Brit managed for discharge. Behind him followed Loockx with Rouiller. What away were the soldiers at Tarteletto-Isorex-Superano Ham, Niels Derveaux with Thomas Mein, the hands are beaten up and posteerden on position four and five. Turner was with a lead of about ten seconds the final lap recall, and was not in trouble. He took it for Lander Loockx and Loris Rouiller.

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