First evening shows Sven De Leijer gets a sequel

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Sven De Leijer, the man who once publieksopwarmer was, and gradually grew into a popular tv presenter comes back out with his zaalshow ‘Content’. In February 2018, it was his first volavondshow a fact, but it does so in 2019 a sequel to. After he on 14 and 15 January is still a few Try-outs, on January 16, again for real in GC t View Bonheiden. Unfortunately, there is no more place for this performance to attend due to sold out. Happy tours, he is still up to 31 may across Flanders. A number of those zaalshows are already sold out, but a lot of places you can still.

Sven De Leijer is content. For a variety of reasons. Okay, he is still always with a little of the cover, and that the contractor calls but not the back, but he should not complain. Even Sven does not want to complain. Because he is also grateful. That will he the evening itself, however, to repeat, unless he should forget it. Remember him, sure! And because he insists that it is not only his evening, but also and especially that of the spectators, he is very curious to find out what the public wants to have. As a DJ he knows namely the importance of verzoeknummers. So send! To:

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