Fireworks is claiming victims in the Netherlands

14038d756f2461a205e04135a53d6a9b - Fireworks is claiming victims in the Netherlands

The Dutch also have this years massive fireworks purchased to cross on oudejaar, but that is not always good. There were two dead and several children injured. In Scheveningen ran a bonfire is completely out of hand.

A first fatal victim fell in the Frisian Morra. Exactly what happened is still unclear, but based on the story of some of the witnesses is assumed to be fireworks that is present. Also in Enschede came to a man to life by an explosion which was attributed to fireworks. In Breda were then two children injured when a window pane of a house was killed by heavy fireworks.

Bonfire gets out of hand

In Scheveningen is the annual ‘bonfire’ with oudejaar is lit on the beach pretty out of hand. First it was the dike to be evacuated because the fire on the beach to large and too much heat caused the audience. Turned out afterwards that the sparks of the fire the area burned.

According to the fire brigade, under more fires occur in the dunes. On Twitter, it is clear to see that the fire en masse on the spot and roofs extinguishes a snack bar and the old church, in order to avoid that fire. The chaos is complete, writes a local newspaper.

On the beach in The Hague battle of Scheveningen and Duindorp annually to who has the highest, best and most beautiful bonfire.

More fireworks sold

The Dutch have this year of 70 million euros are spent on fireworks. That is more than the previous two years, when there was for 68 million euro fireworks display over the counter went.

Most of the money went to so-called compound-fireworks. That is linked sierwerk that only one ignition need and then a small fireworks show, according to Leo Groeneveld of the Association Pyrothechniek the Netherlands.

The most frequently sold are the ordinary firecrackers, as astronautjes and kanonslagen. Ordinary flares proved this year to be less in demand, according to Groeneveld by all the misery with the lanceerstandaard that this year for the first time is required.

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