Fans at Home are tired

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A lot of loyal fans of the Home to express their displeasure about what is happening in the soap opera is going on. The viewers at Home are tired, some complain about on social media. What is going on? The last days were the fans of the Home in the wake of the kidnapping and the shooting rampage in which Sandrine was involved. The girl fights currently in the hospital for her life. The storyline allows for quite a lot of viewers for the annoyance, and that they leave clear marks on the social media. Many fans are tired of that, yet again, a child is a victim of violence. “I’m serious about that Sandrine is a victim… why another child… couldn’t it be Tim or Dieter or Olivia?” to ask someone out loud. “Had it been predicted, sad that a kid again! They can now, nothing else to invent? There are a lot of children in an accident, Kasper accident, Lucas accident, Britney accident and fortunately with a good outcome and now Sandrine! I think they have their text of their beginliedje may adapt , the last sentence is now “ nothing is better than home”??? Now is it “ nothing is more dangerous than at home!!”, writes another fan of the soap.

“A child who is going to die, WHY all those children die , that tv writers have something against children ?”, asking someone else. “May Ann is also happy please. First, her great love, who strives to brain tumor sandrine, than with mayra that her has lied to, that nie is clean, now ei equal luck with tanja and now something with sandrine. Let her please,” writes another fan.

Also Day All wrote it last Monday already, it was not a peaceful christmas at Home. There was the past few days a lot of violence in the soap. Too much according to the viewers. “We want to be in the “Home” good stories to tell and also do as little as possible use of unexpected twists and turns. If you do, then you lose credibility,” says producer Hans Rays in All.

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