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F1 pilot Fernando Alonso reveals his biggest rival ever …

b16d1385a557dd81c7881cc7670f1364 - F1 pilot Fernando Alonso reveals his biggest rival ever ...

The end of the year is a time to look back. For Fernando Alonso it is not only a time to look back on the past year but also on his F1-career. Therein he reveals to us also his personal biggest rival …

Alonso was after his last F1 race, asked who according to him, his greatest rival ever was. It may be said that the name of Michael Schumacher not really comes as a surprise. When Alonso in 2005 and his first F1 title conquered was that after an intense battle with Schumacher.

Schumacher gold when as the man to beat and had the five years before that with the Ferrari Formula 1 dominated. The first world championship, which Alonso as his second title, together with Renault conquered, was also a very emotional moment.

“It is difficult to select one but if I have someone really should call it is absolutely Michael,” said Alonso, according to ‘’. “Not because of a specific reason but because Michael at that time, the Formula 1 dominated.”

“When you’re in the karting driving then you see Michael win, when you are in a different category of driving then you see Michael win, and eventually you can find yourself in a situation where you wheel-to-wheel with him to the fight.”

“Those fights were definitely special, emotional, and even at that time.”

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