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Dutch rapper Feis killed by shooting

b0905066e9c2f871120d2e87f4318f50 - Dutch rapper Feis killed by shooting

The Rotterdam-based rapper Feis is at the age of 32 died, after he earlier in the night, was injured by a shooting in the town of Rotterdam.

The police have seven people held after the incident in the Gouvernestraat. Agents have several warning shots before unloading. The police kept the suspects to the nearby Heemraadsplein.

A 31-year-old man also got injured by the shooting. He is injured in the hospital.

Faisal Mssyeh, such as the Feis is officially called, became widely known by his collaboration with rapper U-Niq on the track ‘Small’ a little boy, from 2006. The Rotterdam-based rapper released only in 2014, his first two solo albums: Built for this , and Hard on the outside, broken inside.

Feis worked together with, among others, Winne, Kempi, Murda Turk, Hef, Sjaak, Appa and MocroManiac. The Dutchman also joined to the programme ‘At full speed’ of Ali B, in which he includes a song of the Dutch singer Maribelle covered.

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