Donatella Versace meets Cher in So Man So Woman

355a2ee49b18b8b775c9ec73a48cb3e5 - Donatella Versace meets Cher in So Man So Woman

In the second episode of So Man So Woman is going to Jani Kazaltzis on a visit to Lydie (62) and Luc (52) from Lokeren. The amorous couple wants the new year well dressed bet on a travestietenshow and they also Jani’s help. Glitter without too much glamour is in short the clothing style of the woman of the house. The Cher of Flanders also has a weak for everything that is a tiger print, and that also reflects in her wardrobe. The zielsbrave Luc follows the fashionadvies of his partner and draws everything to him in fun. Most of all their clothes also match with each other. Normally takes care of Lydie, the styling of the couple during new year, but this time may Jani them to prepare for the party.

One thing is for sure: Lydie wears the pants at home, though she also has quite a few short skirts and dresses. “Living here exactly a very old drag queen, that her glory years, and performed as Cher for thousands of people,” laughs Jack. And there is Lydie also agrees: “When I go to travestietenshows go, then I want to be so dressed. I don’t want to as any of the transvestites”. The cases of Lydie bulging out of the clothes, but the one wardrobe of Luc is quite a bit more sober and above all, very monotonous. A large part of his clothes comes from the same shopping street in Blankenberge. “You can Blankenberge, a bit like Milan. Therefore, it is not better, but you can also find really your ‘desire’”. But only the clothes that Lydie buys, he is allowed to do and the instructions are clearly visible on his wardrobe …

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