Democrats want to vote to force on your own proposal

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The Democrats in the USA want out of the impasse of the shutdown later this week in the House of Representatives a vote to organize its own budget proposal. From Thursday, the Democrats in the majority in the House.

In their bill for the budget of next year would be worked with temporary budgets until October for most of the public administrations and 8 February for the department of Homeland Security. Therefore, that public administrations open again.

But in the proposal is no budget provided for the construction of the limes wall with Mexico, such as the American president Donald Trump demands. The president can still use its veto. He left Monday clearly understand that ‘solid wall’ will, for which a sum of five billion u.s. dollars is needed.

“The Democrats will probably have a bill to present, cute as usual, but this will not contribute to the security of the border, in particular a wall’, tweette Trump.

By the shutdown are since 22 december, about 25 percent of the federal government’s lamb. ‘We won’t’ stressed Trump in an interview on Fox News.

At the interim parliamentary elections of november, have the Democrats in control of the House of Representatives, but gave the Republicans their majority in the Senate.

The budget proposal from the Democrats is similar to what is already in the Senate was approved, but never put to the vote and was submitted in the House of Representatives after the refusal of Trump.

“It would be the height of irresponsibility and political cynicism if the Republican senators now these texts would reject, which they previously supported’, it sounds in a press release.


Wednesday meet the exiting members of congress of both parties still agree on the shutdown. Trump has the leaders of both parties in the Congress invited him, so has the news channel CNN Tuesday on the authority of ‘the two sources in the Congress’ reported.

The conversation will probably be Wednesday, will take place and will also be a brief content about border security by officers of the department of Homeland Security.

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