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BTC Lightning company OpenNode rejects 1.25 million from Roger Ver

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BTC Lightning company OpenNode rejects 1.25 million from Roger Ver

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Marcel Knobloch –

One of the most well-known proponent of Bitcoin Cash, Roger Ver offered to OpenNode, a well-known software company, which is the Lightning network of Bitcoin develops, 1.25 million dollars, to work on the payment processing for Bitcoin Cash (BCH). OpenNode refused, however, to limit exclusively to BTC.

Ver’s investment deal goes back to Tim Draper’s $ 1.25 million investment in the BTC-Lightning-Network of OpenNode. According to Ver, a brilliant Investor is Draper, but makes a big mistake. Ver believes that the Lightning Network would work with Bitcoin Cash, and its larger block sizes is much better and faster.

OpenNode aims to Bitcoin transactions in real time to Transact, in order to increase the acceptance of Bitcoin in the Mainstream. It supports Lightning Network, a Second Layer solution, in order to confirm Bitcoin transactions outside of the main chain. The efforts led OpenNode, to collect $ 1.25 million in Seed funding from Investor Tim Draper.

Ver predicted in the above Video – because of Moore’s Law-based algorithm, it would take nearly two centuries, until the world entrances in the Lightning Network solution completely. Ver claimed that the acceptance would last through to the Mainstream for Bitcoin 100 years and only 40 years in the case of Bitcoin Cash. Ver came to this conclusion, he provided a provisional analysis with unrealistic assumptions. Therefore, his statement cannot be taken too seriously. Accordingly, the Crypto-community has responded, twisting the mathematics to be accused, to suit his Agenda.

While Ver’s Video he made OpenNode also offer:

I need not only share [my investment]. Everything I need, [OpenNode] to work on the payment processing of Bitcoin Cash, the Version of Bitcoin, which can actually scale to be the money, for the world.

The company, which works exclusively on the Bitcoin payment Protocol, confirmed as Twitter, but that his Vision of a better and more open financial system could not be achieved with Bitcoin Cash, and added that it will instead invest 100% of its resources for Bitcoin.

According to OpenNode, the software company, Bitcoin supported, for various reasons, exclusive:

The network of Bitcoin is a decentralized cryptographic Blockchain was hacked since its establishment, never compromised. It is the safest, smoothest, and longest Proof-of-Work Blockchain. We provide companies with the ability to accept Bitcoin, because we want to protect our users as good as possible.

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