Bolsonaro sworn in as Brazilian president: ‘Promise for enhancing democracy’

In Brazil, on Tuesday, the far-right former military Jair Bolsonaro ingezworen as the new president. “I will tirelessly continue to work to Brazil has reached his goal.’

The 63-year-old Jair Messias Bolsonaro laid the oath in Congress, two months after he 55,1 percent of the vote in the Brazilian presidential election has won. “I will tirelessly continue to work to Brazil has reached his goal,” he said after the swearing-in. “I promise to the Brazilian democracy will strengthen.’

For the ceremony he was together with his wife Michelle in a Rolls Royce with the open roof by the capital, Brasilia, is driven. His supporters chanted his election slogan: ‘Brazil is above all, God above all things”.

As the head of state wants the right-wing populist of the widespread corruption in the largest country of South America, fight crime, mitigate, and the economy. From the choice of his ministers, who had previously already been proposed, it appears that the Brazilian government has an utterly conservative and rightwing price will sail. A third of his cabinet are former legerofficiers.

Critics see in the new president a threat to the still young democracy in Brazil. Moreover, he is never shy to vrouwonvriendelijke, homophobic and racist statements. In the parliament he said ever against a left-wing colleagues that she was too ugly to rape’. That he himself has a daughter, in addition to three sons, and he called ‘a moment of weakness’.

Example of Trump

The American president Donald Trump, who is vice-president Mike Pompeo to the inauguration sent, congratulated Bolsonaro via Twitter and wrote that “the United States will support”.

Bolsonaro, who has announced in many areas, the example of Trump to follow (such as from the climate deal Paris, steps and the embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem move), thanked him for his encouragement. ‘Together we will, under the protection of God, prosperity and progress for our people, ” said Bolsonaro.

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