Baby after 35 hours, rescued from rubble Russian apartment building

Workers Tuesday, a still-living ten-month-old baby from under the rubble of the apartment building that Monday in the Russian Urals by a gas explosion is affected.

It comes to a boy that temperatures has survived during the night to minus 27 degrees were dropped, according to the Russian state news agency Tass. The workers had heard someone weep. The baby was able to survive thanks to his crib, and the fact that he was hot and packed, told governor Boris Doebrovski of the region Tsjeliabinsk on the messaging service Telegram.

The mother of the little boy who had previously been brought to safety.

The rescue happened shortly after the workers their work Tuesday morning temporarily had to stop because there is risk of collapse of the building. When the ramp fell, and seven dead. There are still as a dozen missing persons.

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