Arrested American in Russia is a former marine

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The Us man in Moscow was arrested and accused of espionage, is innocent, according to his family. The former marine was in Russia for the wedding of a friend.

The Russian security service made Monday the arrest of 48-year-old Paul Whelan known. That is Friday happened ‘while he spionagepraktijken proposed’. There was a criminal prosecution initiated, the American risk up to twenty years in prison.

But according to his family, the man, formerly employed in the navy, nothing to do with spionagepraktijken and he was just in Moscow to the wedding of a friend to attend. The family had the last contact with Whelan on december 28, the night before the wedding was to take place.

“We are very worried about his safety and health. There is no doubt about his innocence, and we hope his rights are respected, ” says his twin brother David Whelan in a press release.

Yet according to the family came to Whelan over the past years, often in Russia, both as a tourist as well as for his job at Kelly Services, a consulting company. Today, he works for Borg Warner, a supplier of auto parts in Michigan that also contracts with Russian companies.

“We hope that he quickly back to the house may times’, says the family.

The arrest of Whelan follows a few weeks after the Russian Maria Butina guilty has called for spionagepraktijken in the United States, leaving Russia with the arrest probably hopes for a swap of prisoners.

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