Antiterreureenheden investigate stabbing Manchester

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In the Uk, Manchester is a man on oudejaar in the Victoria train station three people to tackle gone with a large kitchen knife. The offender is arrested. and the antiterreureenheden investigate the case.

One of the victims was a policeman. He was wounded in the shoulder, but if the hospital in the meantime been abandoned. The other two victims are a husband and wife, both between 50 and 60 years, that knife wounds were in the abdomen and the woman in the face. Their injuries are not life-threatening.

According to an eyewitness called the culprit in the attack several times, ‘Allah’, but that was not confirmed yet. Also about the identity of the perpetrator, nothing is yet communicated.

In spite of the attack was the oudejaarsfestiviteiten and the fireworks in Manchester place as foreseen. The police found that no danger was more.

In the city, found in a 2017 terrorist attack place on a concert of Ariane Grande.

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