Actress calls in an open letter to royal titles Jan Fabre temporarily to take off

The actress and dancer Geneviève Lagravière want artist Jan Fabre, who in time has come after allegations of misconduct, temporarily, his royal titles lose. She writes in an open letter, that today in The Morning is published. Lagravière has for years danced for Troubleyn, the company Fabre.

In september had twenty dancers and ex-dancers of Troubleyn, among whom Lagravière, in an open letter in Rekto:Verso the behaviour with the company of Fabre denounced. After those testimonials was of a judicial investigation started.

In a new open letter addressed to queen Matilda, asks Lagravière now to Jan Fabre temporary of his royal titles to get rid, as long as the investigation to the federal court.

“You’re probably agree with me that the facts, which Jan Fabre in speech came in sharp contrast with the chivalrous behaviour that we expect of someone who, because of special merits, is listed as a grand officer in the order of the crown, and as a commander of the order of leopold”, writes Lagravière to the queen.

“In the assumption that royal awards associated with a code of ethics is an appropriate response of the royal family here, then, is not in place? A temporary suspension during this federal court, for example, for what prince wants, now as a knight of the round table?”, she asks also. The royal palace was this morning not be reached for comment.

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