Which famous people died in October 2018?

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In October we had unfortunately a lot of well-known deaths to regret. We started already on 1 October with the death of the French singer Charles Aznavour. He had a lot of hits, international success. He was a whopping 94.

On October 3, died, the singer of ‘Helena’. The Belgian singer Hugo Raspoet was 77. We remain in Flanders, on October 4, we had to say goodbye to the legendary presenter Walter Capiau. The presenter of game shows such as ‘Walters Verjaardagsshow’ and ‘Wheel Of Fortune’ had been sick for a while and was 80.

On October 6, it again was price. When died, Montserrat Caballe. This Spanish opera singer, was also in our country is not unknown. She was 85. American actor Scott Wilson died on 6 October at the age of 76.

The Belgian Magistrate Eliane Liekendael known from, inter alia, the Dutroux was 89 and died on October 8. The Dutch actor Bob Löwenstein was 90 and died on 11 October.

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