The sweet revenge of Koen Wauters

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The year 2019 is a year of celebration for Koen Wauters and his family. It all starts Thursday when Flanders the full family of Koen Wauters in Greetings From will be able to see. The recordings date back a few months ago, but it promises Thursday, a nice moment to be for Valerie, Zita, Nono and Koen. But there is still a lot to celebrate in 2019, the anniversary of Koen and Valerie, for example. “For the moment, we are not there yet, but I think it is a special celebration worth. Each married year is special, but to such a round number may have some extra attention,” beams Koen Wauters this week in the Story. For the singer and presenter is the 15th wedding anniversary is a milestone . “When Valerie and I, our relationship started, had only a few money on a bet that together we would continue. Except we. And after all these years we have, however, proven to be, it is still great love.”

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