Terrorist suspects in Rotterdam to stay in the cell

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The four terrorist suspects Saturday in Rotterdam were arrested on suspicion of involvement in preparing a terrorist crime will continue until Wednesday stuck.

The research is in full swing, reports the police. The defendants in Rotterdam are yet to be answered. Also seized material is examined. The examining magistrate in Rotterdam on Monday only whether the detention was legal, and has not substantively about the case bent. Therefore, the remand, but with 72 hours extended.

If the public prosecutor the defendants still wish to hold, they come out Wednesday or Thursday again at the magistrate. Who decides whether they than two weeks longer in the cell remain.

Dutch agents are also to the German city of Mainz travelled to a fifth suspect who was arrested. This 26-year-old Syrian lives in Rotterdam but there was his cousin on a visit. The netherlands has for his surrender is asked, but a decision is not the end of the week expected. The court in Mainz has decided that he is in any case to remain stuck.

Fireworks are not cancelled

The arrests lead not yet to additional measures in connection with the display of fireworks at the Erasmus bridge in Rotterdam. Mayor, police and justice in Rotterdam talked about this the last few days with the National co-Ordinator for Counterterrorism and Security (NCTV). It will be a visible police present at the bridge.

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