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Romulu Lukaku back to the party

934ac6311cd69104d0e2af3e5b74a3be - Romulu Lukaku back to the party

Manchester United picks up nine on nine

Romulu Lukaku back to the party

Romelu Lukaku in the Premier League the last goal of 2018 scored.

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Romelu Lukaku made his seventh hit of the season. epa

Manchester United picks up nine on nine

Romulu Lukaku back to the party

Romelu Lukaku in the Premier League the last goal of 2018 scored.

VoetbalPremier League

BrusselMinuut seventy. Romelu Lukaku has made at Manchester United in his comeback after a ten days authorised absence due to ‘privéredenen’. Barely two minutes later he scored the 4-1 for Manchester United in the Premier League match against Bournemouth. Lukaku was half a metre offside on the pass from Pogba, but in the VAR-less England can do all of this.

Innocent thumb?

Lukaku celebrated his goal by his thumb in the mouth. If a baby. He wanted to tell us something? The celebration raised concerns because of his ten days vacation ‘to privéredenen’. As the head empty? Or was there more to it? Manchester United remained always vague and mysterious about the absence of ‘Big Rom’, which as two matches will be missed.

Players use the thumb in the mouth regularly to score a goal to contribute to a new member, but the meaning can be more innocent. Mesut Özil did it more often, referring to his niece. And Roma legend Francesco Totti celebrated numerous goals with a thumb in the mouth, but kept it at three children.

“We play football a lot offensiever and create more opportunities. That is how we want to play’

Paul Pogba

Interim coach Ole Gunnar Solskjaer took Lukaku immediately after his return to training on Thursday separately. ‘Romelu and the others should just enjoy their playing time for this club, ” said the Norwegian for the game against Bournemouth. ‘Football for Manchester United should be the best time of a person’s life. It is up to the players to get their chance to intervene.’

And so did Lukaku, although there was help from the lijnrechter. It was Lukaku’s seventh competitietreffer.

Manchester United picked up thanks to the victory nine on nine under Ole Gunnar Solskjaer, the replacement for José Mourinho, and scored twelve goals. Pogba made in recent competitions four. The Frenchman was Mourinho a virus in the locker room called, but since he is of the Portuguese redeemed, Pogba opponents sick.

Manchester United brings back offensive football, after five minutes were rewarded with a first goal of Pogba. The Frenchman made after 33 minutes 2-0. The best part of the afternoon was the third hit, on the stroke of tranquility. Anthony Martial brought the ball outside foot in front, Rashford led the ball with the outside of his foot in purpose. Pogba had even a hattrick to score, but hit the pole. Old Trafford enjoyed. The players are still the most. ‘It’s very different now,’ said Pogba. ‘We won still races with the old trainer, but it is a very different way of playing. We play football a lot offensiever and create more opportunities. That is how we want to play.’

City and Liverpool

Manchester City could further damage avoid the eye on the clash with leader Liverpool by Thursday. After two defeats, won the Citizens with 1-3 of Southampton.

Liverpool had Saturday with 5-1 Arsenal omvergeblazen, the ninth competitiezege in a row. Liverpool is now twenty competitiematchen undefeated. (vdm)

Results and Standings


20th match: Tottenham – Wolverhampton 1-3; Leicester – Cardiff City 0-1; Fulham – Huddersfield 1-0; Brighton – Everton 1-0; Watford – Newcastle 1-1; Liverpool – Arsenal 5-1 Crystal Palace – Chelsea 0-1; Burnley – West Ham 2-0; Southampton – Manchester City 1-3; Man United – Bournemouth 4-1.

Position: 1. Liverpool 54; 2. Manchester City 47; 3. Tottenham 45; 4. Chelsea 43; 5. Arsenal 38; 6. Man United 35; 7. Wolverhampton 29; 8. Leicester 28; 9. Watford 28; 10. Everton 27; 11. West Ham 27; 12. Bournemouth 26; 13. Brighton 25; 14. Crystal Palace 19; 15. Newcastle 18; 16. Cardiff City 18; 17. Southampton 15; 18. Burnley 15; 19. Fulham 14; 20. Huddersfield 10.


Juventus – Sampdoria 2-1; Chievo – Frosinone 1-0; Genoa – Fiorentina 0-0; Lazio – Torino 1-1; Sassuolo – Atalanta 2-6; Udinese – Cagliari 2-0; Empoli – Inter 0-1; Parma – AS Roma 0-2; Napoli – Bologna 3-2; Milan – SPAL 2-1.

Position: 1. Juventus 53; 2. Napoli 44; 3. Inter 39; 4. Lazio 32; 5. Milan 31; 6. AS Roma 30; 7. Sampdoria 29; 8. Atalanta 28; 9. Torino, 27; 10. Fiorentina 26; 11. Sassuolo 25; 12. Parma 25; 13. Cagliari, 20; 14. Genoa, 20; 15. Udinese 18; 16. SPAL 17; 17. Empoli, 16; 18. Bologna, 13; 19. Chievo 11; 20. Frosinone 10.

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